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Dream Freedom 2006



First water wells built by Jewish World Watch-- funds provided by Milken Community High School!

Welcome to the Dream Freedom webpage! The Dream Freedom campaign at the Middle School of MCHS raises awareness of and calls for an active response to modern-day slavery, genocide and other violations of human rights around the world. We will be exploring these issues of slavery and freedom through lessons in our Jewish Studies classes in connection with Passover, guest speakers, and an all-school rally and fundraiser. Our focus for this program is the current situation in Darfur, Sudan, where basic human rights must be restored. It is our goal that through this program, we will raise $10,000 to build a much needed water well for the refugees in Darfur, Sudan. We invite you to join us in our moral response to this human crisis! On this site, you can find resources about modern-day slavery, links to other organizations that are partners in our cause, information on the novel Dream Freedom by Sonia Levitin which guided our curriculum and our Middle School Dream Freedom student guide.

Our Dream Freedom program is guided by these major understandings:

  1. As former slaves, Jews have a responsibility to work towards the redemption of those who are not free.
  2. Freedom is an inalienable right of all people.
  3. Human life is sacred and everyone has the right to live freely.
  4. Holding on to hopes and dreams is essential to the human spirit.
  5. Even if one can’t fix the whole world, one is obligated to fix a small piece.
  6. Every person, regardless of age or circumstance, is capable of making a difference.
Our Dream Freedom program asks these essential questions:
  1. How does our collective past inform our actions today?
  2. What is freedom? Is freedom a right or does it have to be earned?
  3. How should we approach a task that seems overwhelming?
  4. How do I overcome the limits of my age?
  5. How do we remain empathetic to all of the suffering around us?