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Your Team Behind the Scenes.....
Current Team Leaders

Director, Education Technology

Scott Perloff
Faculty of MCHS
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Job Description: The Director of Education Technology heads the Web Admin Comittee, as well as gathers much of the needed information and content for the site. He also manages larger web projects.

Staff Web Support


Job Description: The web support technician works with faculty and school administration to help update key sections of the school's website.

Current Team Leaders

Webmaster / Student Web Admin


Job Description: The Webmaster directs and creates the web presence of MCHS. He also writes much of the code for, and builds, many of the pages.

Linux Server Student Admin


Job Description: The Linux Admin manages the school's Linux server, which provides the dynamic content for the site. He also maintains the code for the school's online newspaper.

Our Thanks to the Previous Team Leaders...
Michael Goldman
Grad Year: 2005
E-mail Michael
Zak Singer
Grad Year: 2004
E-mail Zak
Josh Hyman
Grad Year: 2001
E-mail Josh
Jacob Knobel
Grad Year: 2004
E-mail Jacob

Matt Rutta
Grad Year: 2001
E-mail Matt
Joshua Klaristenfeld
Grad Year: 2003
E-mail Josh
Ilan Rabinovitch
Grad Year: 2001
E-mail Ilan

Special Thanks To...

Mr. Roger Fuller
Mr. Marc Entous
Diane LaFleur


Other Current Web Admin Members

Andy Feig
Stacey Hayes
Tony Lawrence
Kelly Shepard

Past Web Admin Members

Josh Cohen ('06)
Matt Cohen ('05)
James Freedman ('05)
Oren Hazi ('06)
Robert Kanter ('06)
Jacob Knobel ('05)
Harrison Marks ('03)
Adam Mintz ('03)
Tavi Nathanson ('04)
Michael Richman ('02)
Yoav Weiss ('06)