Does CBD Oil Work for Back Pain?

There have been reports of people using cannabinoid oil, better known as CBD oil to treat chronic pain. The biggest question, however, is if the oil indeed works. Here’s an in-depth overview of the subject.

The Basics

CBD oil comes from cannabis. It contains a potent chemical found in marijuana and hemp plants. Repeated studies show that when used on a frequent basis, the oil may reduce the intensity of inflammation, pain and the discomfort caused by back pain. It is essential to note that the oil doesn’t cause the “high” feeling linked to marijuana.

How is it for?

CBD oil is an excellent alternative if you have chronic lower back pain and rely on addictive medicines such as opioids.

How Does it Work?

Doctors say that CBD oil works by interacting with receptors located in your immune system and brain. These receptors contain small amounts of proteins connect to cells that respond to stimuli.  The oil helps counter inflammation and by extension your pain.

A study conducted in 2008 to assess the efficacy of CBD oil regarding pain management suggests that the oil can improve your condition without adverse effects. On top of that, the oil can treat insomnia caused by back pain.

Does it cause any side effects?

As stated, CBD oil doesn’t pose significant dangers to those using it. However, you may experience short bouts of irritability, nausea and sleeping issues. Withdraw symptoms are not so common if you stop using the oil. In other words, you won’t get addicted to the oil like is the case with opioids.  The only withdraw symptoms include anxiety and return of the original pain.

Note – the National Cancer Institute does not recommend the use of CBD oil in children as it may interfere with the development of the brain.

How do you by CBD oil?

You must do enough research before spending your money on CBD oil. You want to know which blend will give you the best results and most importantly, take away your pain. Even then, choosing one CBD oil brand over another doesn’t have to be hard work. Visit Free Your Spine to read a comprehensive buyer’s guide on how to choose the best CBD oil. Be sure to check out the top recommendations while you’re at it as well.

In conclusion, CBD oil is turning out to be a “miracle cure” of sorts when it comes to treating lower back pain. Don’t be afraid to try it out.