Hacks to Increase Your Instagram Following in Two Weeks

Sure, growing a large following on Instagram takes time. How soon you amass a significant base of cult-like audience, however, depends on how tactful you are. Here is a rundown for smart ways to boost your growth within fourteen days or less.

Use Hashtags

Don’t be swayed to think that hashtags are annoying and are better left to teenagers. On the contrary, they offer an easy, convenient way for your users to navigate through topics. What this means is that if you attach hashtags to your images, you will be making your content more discoverable by your target audience.

Start by researching the most popular hashtags in your industry and make a list. The best way to do this is to generate keywords that relate to your brand and niche. Also, visit https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/top-instagram-hashtags-for-gaining-more-followers/ to discover some of the best hashtags to draw more followers to your product or service. Be sure to add your hashtags to all comments below your posts to make them even more effective.

Use Shoutouts

The truth is; for you to grow your Instagram following, you have to warm up to the idea of collaboration. Here, you’ll use a tactic known as S4S. For starters, S4S is a short form of “share for share.” To keep it simple, you’ll have to learn how to share other people’s content if you want them to do the same with your posts. You have to be tactful though. Approach an influencer in your industry and ask him or her to share your content. In return, you will also share his/her posts.  The idea is to expose each other’s brand to target audiences. And the beauty of it is that if you get it right with your S4S, you’ll uncover new markets and increase your conversation rate in the process.

The Bottom Line

It is not about how attractive your images on Instagram are that gets you the most followers. Sure, the clarity of your photos may get you five or ten followers, but you have to go beyond that if you want to attract followers in their thousands. As a rule of thumb, you should pursue latest marketing strategies to make you stand out. Also, don’t forget to share content that provides value to your audience. In other words, you must give your followers a reason to keep following you with every post that you make – and that’s not so hard to do, is it?