How Bathtubs Can Be Useful In Hydrotherapy?

Bathtubs always add luxury to the bathroom. Bathtubs not only prove to be a source of luxury but they can also provide many health benefits. Now days in order to enhance the bathing experience in bathtubs there are many different styles and designs of bathtubs available in the market. You not only get many different styles and designs, but modern day bathtubs also come with many exciting features that make your bath more enjoyable and exciting. These feature are such as music system, LED lighting, showers and many more.

Many people may be not aware with the fact, that these bathtubs also provide hydrotherapy that can prove to be very beneficial for health purpose. There is a good argument between the many experts that it is not very beneficial for health, but many studies and researches shows that hydrotherapy that you get from bathtub is very good and beneficial.

What is hydrotherapy and how its work?

In this therapy, water is used to get reenergize and restore the body health. This therapy is performed in a bathtub and in hydrotherapy, both cold water as well as hot water is used in the tub. This is because cold water helps the body to maintain the blood flow as it shrinks the superficial blood vessels while the hot water helps the body to eliminate all the waste and impurity from body tissue. There are many different types of hydrotherapies that are discussed below.

Sitz bath – in this therapy, there are two different bathtubs that is placed adjacent to each other. One of the tub is filled with warm water while the other one with cold water. Now, after this you have to sit in one tub and place your feet in another tub. This therapy can cure many health problems such as cystitis, polyps, PMS, menstrual problems, hemorrhoids etc.

Warm foot bath – in this therapy, you have to dip your feet in warm water the temperature of which should be around 97 degree F. Put your foot in hot water for around 10 minutes and after that quickly take your foot from warm water and dip in cold water. This therapy can able to cure the deformities such as cold feet, insomnia and bladder infections.

Full bath – one should dip his/her full body except your head in hot water for around 20 minutes. This therapy can help you to overcome from the mental and physical tension and prove to be a great remedy against muscle sores.