Learn The Technique To Operate Your Electric Can Opener Easily

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Electric cans are used to keep canned foods. These foods make it easy to cook a variety of dishes. You can find prepared fruits, dairy products, beverages, several types of cooked and uncooked vegetables in them. Though it helps us with readily available food, the opening of these cans is not easy. It takes skill to open it correctly without exhausting yourself. There are two types of can openers, manual and electric. Electric can openers are comparatively easy to open, maintain, and repair.

In this article, we will teach you the right way to use an electric can opener.

 Steps to open an electric can opener

Operating an electric can opener is very simple and direct procedure. You need to perform below mentioned steps.

  • Position the can on a flat surface

You need to keep the electric can opener on a flat and strong surface. Kitchen slab is the perfect place to operate it. If you have an opener that is mounted under cabinets, then it does not require a sturdy place to keep it. To know how to position an opener on a slab, learn more here.

  • Separate the two main parts of the can opener

Now raise the level of the handle of the opener or rotate it as per the design of the model. This step will separate the two basic parts of the opener: a zigzag shaped metal disc which helps in turning the can and a sharp disc that slices around the edge of the top portion of the can.

  • Horizontally align the can with the disc

Now keep the can against the zigzag shaped disc that is horizontally aligned on the opener. You would see the lower edge of the can now resting on the top surface of the disc. This enables the disc to move the can to open it. Now reduce the level of the cutting disc onto the can lid. This would happen if you rotate or lower the handle of the can opener.

Press the handle to turn the disc

Now gently press the handle of the can to activate the opener. This will result in turning off the serrated disc. Finally, to remove the can opener, you need to alleviate or rotate the lever of the can. In these four simple steps, a can opener can be operated easily.

Due to the simplicity of its use, an electric can opener is preferred over manual can opener. The Less physical effort is involved when you do it in the right way. Obviously, learning these simple tips you can operate electric can openers easily and effortlessly.