Maintaining Your Infrared Sauna: 5 Tips to Keep It Clean Like a Pro

maintaining-your-infrared-saunaGot an infrared sauna installed at your home? Undeniably, nothing can feel more personal and relaxing than having an infrared sauna at home – all for your own detoxification! However, while you’re ready to achieve the everlasting feeling of purity and cleanliness, it’s essential to make sure you’re maintaining your infrared sauna as effectively as maintained by the professionals.

Easy to clean, your infrared sauna can be your best friend for life if maintained well. Below are some useful tips to ensure that your infrared sauna lasts longer.

1. Always Keep in Mind Your Sauna’s Detoxifying Effect

Since the purpose of an infrared sauna is to help you detoxify, cleaning the sauna with products that contain harmful chemicals may result in reversing the detoxification effect in your body. That’s why it’s highly advised to clean your sauna with non-toxic, natural products only. To do this, mix cider vinegar with water. Use this eco-friendly mixture to clean the entire interior of the sauna.

2. Never Overdo It

To ensure higher durability of your infrared sauna, never use it for more than 2 hours at once. That’s because overusing the sauna may lead to the formation of excess heat. This may put extra strain on its infrared tubing. Consequently, the sauna may lose its efficiency. However, if used correctly, you can avail a lot of benefits from your infrared sauna. Here’s a great read that supports this point well.

3. Treat the Sauna’s Floor Just Like You Treat Your Room’s Floor

Much of the bacteria reside on the floor of your infrared sauna. To remove dirt, clean it with a broom. Once done, make a mixture of water and white vinegar. Use this mixture and a damp cloth to wipe the floor. After this, wipe the floor again, but this time with a clean cloth. Leave the door of your sauna open till the odor of vinegar dissipates (it will take about fifteen minutes for the odor to disappear).

4. Use It for Yourself Only

Never consider your infrared sauna as your clothes dryer! That’s because leaving any wet clothes or towels on the surface of the sauna may put a serious strain on it and that too for a longer period of time.

5. Never Leave the Infrared Sauna on When You Aren’t Using It

If other members of your family are also using the infrared sauna, and you all have to wait for each other’s turns, then an ideal way to give rest to your sauna is to shut down the power till the second person is ready to use it. This way, you can ensure its longevity even if there’re multiple users.