Need More Power? Top 3 Ways to Increase BHP on a Mercedes Benz

The one figure that just about all petrol (or diesel) heads seem to be more concerned about is the Brake Horse Power (bhp). It is difficult to determine a vehicle’s performance levels simply by looking at solitary figures on paper, top speed, torque or 0-60 values, but bhp is usually the benchmark. For individuals new to performance tuning, all the options available on the market can be quite confusing. So, here is a list of three simple ways to add more horsepower under a Mercedes’ bonnet.

The Cold Air Feed

Directing denser, colder air to the engine allows a better volatile mix in the combustion chamber, potentially translating to more power. The best way to take a maximal amount of cold air into the engine is by using a cold air feed. Most people prefer fixing a flexible hose near the air filter, with the other end fitted behind the car’s grille. However, caution should be exercised since the hose is likely to suck up standing water that can destroy the engine.

The Performance Exhaust System

After fitting the performance air filter, the engine is able to breathe a little bit better. However, it is constipated. The extra gas generated is too much for the standard exhaust to handle. The part to improve engine aspiration is a performance exhaust system. The system will offer the car a few extra bhp, while letting the engine rev easier. Depending on how rusty the old bolts and fittings are, fixing a new exhaust system can be fairly easy or difficult.

The Engine Upgrade

After both ends of the engine’s breathing are fixed, the next step is upgrading the engine itself. Modern Mercedes engines are controlled by an ECU, which evaluates readings from various engine sensors, giving out appropriate engine settings. In their original forms, ECUs are designed with compromises such as drivers using substandard fuel or those who ignore service intervals in mind. However, a Mercedes Renntech products and tuning ECU upgrade does not require such compromises – freeing the engine to achieve greater torque and power.

The mods listed above will see the car make some healthy gains in terms of torque and power. For more power, drivers should prepare themselves to make some internal work changes that vary from one Mercedes model to the next. In general, things like a modified head and a set of wilder cams are a good idea. As a precaution, making such modifications requires a reasonable amount of mechanical skill experience.