Probiotics and Live Culture in Yogurt

While at the supermarket, you must have noticed that there is a wide range of yogurt choices on the shelves. In spite of other dairy products available on the shelves, yogurt remains the best-loved choice for both young and the old. This is because this drink is in the news for the digestive health benefits.

The good news is that you can now make your yogurt from the comfort of your home. As much as there are a lot of labors on the shelves, you don’t know their potency. Therefore, you aren’t sure how they have been preserved and what you are drinking. For your safety and to be in control of the ingredients, you need to take the bold step and get a home yogurt maker from Yummy Yogurt.

Today we look at the components of the yogurt that makes it so good for your health.

Live Active Cultures

When we talk about live active culture, we are essentially talking about the useful bacteria contained in yogurt. A bacterium in the diet is less than appealing, but bacteria in yogurt are the best for health. This bacterium is called robotics.

The robotics has been identified to be the best in improving your digestive health. The robotics helps your digestive system to break down the food, isolate essential nutrients and help in absorption. Apart from this robotics, there are two other strains that have been found in yogurt that improve your health.


This is the most common bacterium strain that is found in yogurt. It helps your body absorb all the essential nutrients, especially the ones present in dairy fats. It also helps to break down toxins to improve the metabolic functions, which in turn improves digestion. It also creates a barrier that prevents bacteria from entering the digestive tract and causing issues.

Streptococcus Thermopiles

This bacterium helps fight other bacteria that cause lactic acid accumulation in the body. Remember, the presence of lactic acid in the body leads to poor digestion and causes problems with your stomach. These bacteria can help with lactose intolerance and eliminate any traces of bad bacteria.


The best yogurt for your body contains all these cultures to aid in digestion. So, as you prepare your home yogurt maker for a delicious glass of yogurt, remember you aren’t just having a drink, but you are making your digestive system better as well.