Proven Ways to Entice More Followers on Instagram

Everyone wants as many followers on Instagram as possible. By extension, this implies that it will take you more than cute images to get people to follow you. It’s not all gloom and doom though. If you think outside the box, you can have people following you in their droves. Here’s how.

Spend Some Money on Real Followers

Yes. At times, all you need to do to attract organic followers is to buy real ones. Think of it as a way to speed up the time you require to stand out and get noticed by potential followers. Don’t worry that purchasing followers may have a negative impact on your account. In fact, Fred Harrington says that you can buy real Instagram followers and reap substantial gains – as long as you do it correctly.

Spend Time Creating What you Post

Avoid generic posts that add no value to your followers.  If you’re using Instagram for business, make sure that you post what your audience wants to see. So, find out your follower’s interests, passion, and hobbies. In short, try to understand your followers as much as you can. That way, you can create content that is relevant to their day to day needs. You can even run a question and answer session if it helps you get more insights about your audience.

Make Use of Popular Hashtags

Make sure that you spend some time to find relevant hashtags on Instagram before you post any video or images. Start by typing your search, and take note off all pertinent hashtags that accumulate on the right-hand side. Of course, you will need to use the hashtags that have the most posts. Make it your priority to use at least eleven hashtags and a maximum of thirty. Remember, the more the number of relevant hashtags you use, the more the engagement you’re likely to create with your posts.

The Bottom Line

You have to learn how to draw potential followers to your Instagram account to make any meaningful gains with your marketing efforts. Never forget to add a relevant geotag to your posts. This way, you will get your content in front of potential local followers or customers. Statistics indicate that you’re likely going to get up to 79% more engagement if your posts have a location. Also, have a content calendar so that you can know what to post at what time. A schedule also helps ensure that you always have content ready a few days before the actual day of posting.