Reasons for Owning a Custom Made Bowling Ball

House balls are ideal for people who participate in bowling just for recreational and social purposes, but for those who view this as a serious sport, a custom-made bowling ball could be an inevitable eventuality. Besides giving you a more or less competitive edge on the game, it is a great way of exerting your unique style.

Benefits of a custom-made bowling ball

One of the major advantages of getting a customized bowling ball is that it will fit perfectly into your hand. The finger holes on most house balls are bound to be either too tight, loose or spaced too far from the thumb hole for your comfort. Though you might find some house balls which will fit you relatively well, a custom-made ball is drilled to your perfectly fit your finger and hand measurements which make it easier to take accurate shots, as the added comfort makes your swing more relaxed.  The weight of a custom-made bowling ball will be precisely according to your requirements, which makes it easy to handle and use.

House balls in a vast majority of bowling alleys are made of plastic or polyester, which is a considerably less expensive material for a bowling ball. Feel Like Strike covers a broad range of bowling material balls you need to choose from, should you need a custom-made bowling ball. They include urethane, particle and reactive resin balls. The softer coverstock used to make the non-plastic balls make them much easier to hook and spin, and have a greater potential of knocking down more pins without deflecting to the sides as is the case with their plastic counterparts.

A custom-made bowling ball can be kept in top condition as it is a personal item, as opposed to house balls that are prone to wear and tear due to continued use. You can have your ball made in a particular design and have unique colors.

Customized bowling balls can be acquired from local shops that are common within the bowling alleys’ vicinity, or you can choose to purchase them online. Keep in mind that the latter may inflate the buying charges due to the shipping charges you will incur. Some sites might however offer free shipping.  Buying from the local shops also gives you an opportunity to gauge the right ball weight. All in all, a customized bowling ball will eventually make you a better bowler and eventually increase your bowling confidence.