Sprayer for walls painting: technology of application

Any repair does not do without application of paint or other varnish production. Even when repairing of garden house after winter there will always be what “to update”. Here would not prevent to paint an arbor. Here it is necessary to give to a bench a fresh color and to paint a fence with a new decorative covering. Performing of similar works by brush or the roller is quite difficult, especially if you need painting big area or an object has a difficult, intricate configuration. In such cases, paint sprayer can considerably facilitate work. From this article, you will find out more about the technology of work with paint sprayer. If you already know plenty about this device visit http://www.paintsmoothly.com/. There you will find reviews of the best paint sprayers available.

What advantages does the spray for walls painting has? Of course, there is not a lot of them, but they are very considerable.

Speed. Such way of painting cuts time for paintings almost by half.

Quality. The spray allows applying a uniform layer of paint and varnish production on a surface. In comparison, it cannot be told about other tools like the roller and a brush, which fibers can be fixed strongly on walls and ceilings of rooms.

Convenience. When painting in the machine way there is no need to jump from a stool on a stool in the course of painting or to manufacture difficult, and sometimes and dangerous passes on a step-ladder. Here it is enough to send a stream to the following zone.

Economy. The material consumption directly depends on quality of drawing, so, for example, skilled hands will help to save 40-50% of paint.

The following feature cannot be referred to apparent defects, but, nevertheless, an absence of structure does not give the chance to hide even the slightest defect. Therefore before using a spray, it is necessary to be convinced of ideality of a surface.

All types of works have the subtleties and nuances, and at an operation of a spray it is necessary to follow the basic rules:

  • in the course of painting, it is impossible to stop in one place, the delay even in a couple of seconds will lead to formation of smudges;
  • the device has to settle down strictly perpendicularly to a surface. The tilt angle, the directed stream, will increase a material consumption as paint will accumulate almost everywhere, only not on a wall or a ceiling;
  • coloring shall be made by roundabouts. In the process, it is important to watch uniformity of the put layer. The distance between the device and a surface is specified in the maintenance instruction, generally, it depends on the working pressure of the device;
  • as well as at usual painting it is impossible to carry out repeated actions on not dried the previous layer. If it is painted on a water basis, then not less than 6 hours has to pass between stages (and 10-12 hours for nitro enamel or oil paint);
  • before filling with paintwork material in capacity it without fail should be filtered through a special sieve or by 2-3 times through the put gauze. Thus, the large, not dissolved particles would not hammer a spray nozzle;
  • it is necessary to watch not only after purity of paint but also the painted surface. The stuck fibers, motes, parts of construction debris remain under a paint coat “forever”.