The Benefits of a Well-brewed Cup of Espresso

We have looked at all aspects related to buying espresso cups, and how to prepare the perfect espresso, but have forgotten the most important thing; why go through all this trouble.

It is all because of the benefits that a well-brewed cup of espresso brings to your life.

You Increase Concentration

When I take a cup of perfectly brewed espresso, brewed using the right espresso maker from My Demitasse, I feel more focused. Drinking espresso helps to stave off the feelings of fatigue that have collected over time.  Caffeine in your espresso jump-starts the dopamine, which in turn helps you stay active and focus much better.

However, the effect is short-term, and you should not drink so much thinking that you are making things better – you need to use the caffeine with caution. This is because the caffeine level in Espresso is higher than what you find in Coffee.

Improve Long Term Memory

You can now compete with those know-it-alls at the bar trivia now! With a cup of espresso each morning, you can improve your long-term memory. In this regard, more is better so have a little more today.

Lose the Pounds

Caffeine has been found to stimulate weight loss through fat burning. Espresso is a dense kind of caffeine, which means you burn more calories and fat when you drink espresso, compared to caffeine. Burning more calories indicates weight loss.

Additionally, the high level of caffeine also helps you relieve muscle pain after working out. With less pain, you can adapt to the work out much better, which means you can burn more fat this way.

Reduce the Risk of Developing Diabetes and Stroke

Diabetes has become an epidemic in the country. Studies show that the consumption of espresso can lower the incidence of type two diabetes by more than ten percent, especially if you take a cup each day. This doesn’t mean that you take caffeine and live on the couch – instead, you need to eat healthily and exercise alongside the espresso.

Studies also show that drinking at least a coffee espresso each day can reduce the risk of stroke.

The Bottom line

Make sure you brew the cup of espresso the right way. Make sure you have the right ingredients so that you enjoy all these benefits. You also need the right espresso maker as well as the necessary supplies such as espresso cups. Mornings will never be the same again!