The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that Works Great on Hardwood Floors

For over four decades, we have been using sophisticated vacuum cleaners that could leave our backs with pain. With time, there has been continued effort to come up with a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, flexible, and can clean anything including hardwood floors, carpets, couches, and ladders. When I got the chance to use the new integrated cordless Dyson V6 Motor Head vacuum cleaner, I fell in love with it. Whenever am in the house, I am always tempted to clean the floor even if the floor is already clean. Here are some features that make Dyson V6 Motorhead my all-time Vacuum cleaner.


To start with, this Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaner is cordless. Isn’t this amazing? The hassle of wrangling with the wires as we move from one room to the next is no more. The cleaner has a rechargeable battery attached to the head that runs for at least 20 minutes. At average, within these 20 minutes, and the high speed of the vacuum head, I always finish dusting before the battery runs out. The battery fits comfortably and is not heavy. The vacuum has a charging dock mountable on the wall, which I use to charge the battery ready for the next day’s dusting chores.

Adorable Design

With Dyson V6, the design comes in handy. The artistic exhibition of this vacuum is great. Unlike the old vacuum cleaners, Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner has a simplified design with a handle, motor, and detachable canister bin. The Vacuum has a flexible wand that makes the vacuum easy to hold when cleaning couches and curtains. This vacuum is one of a kind, and I always wish to have it around. With the detachable canister bin, emptying the dust has never been this easy. I always got bored of having a big vacuum cleaner with a big canister, which required me to use excessive force when taking the dust to the trash can. check out piyo

Powerful suction

Most of the Vacuums have poor suction power which makes one keep on dusting the same place severally. With this super cleaner, the history of dusting the same location for over three times is long gone. The suction power is due to the powerful motor attached to the vacuum cleaner. The motor is enhanced to utilize the battery power and produce great horsepower. With this kind of suction power, this cleaner comfortably handles any task be it heavy or soft duty tasks. For instance, I use the cleaner on my hardwood floor, and the results are always amazing; sparkling floor with no scratches whatsoever. This Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner is ultimately the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. The cleaner works well on soft and hard carpets as well and is also the best in dusting couches. The only con with the vacuum is the stress in changing the battery, but why do you need to change a durable rechargeable battery?


We have finally gotten a solution to our floor cleaning issues. It had been my desire to have a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner, and I hope it has also been your desires too. The Dyson V6 Motor Head vacuum cleaner may be a bit expensive, but are you willing to trade comfortability for money?