The Ultimate Instagram Growth Hack Guide in Just 400 Words

The Ultimate Instagram Growth Hack Guide

This is going to be an absolute crash course with the aim to turn you into an Instagram rockstar!

Host contests – It’s funny how few people actually do this, I suppose because it costs money but hey nothing is free in this world is it? Well, it could be free if you are willing to invest a little. How about t-shirts with your own unique hashtag printed on it? That would make an awesome giveaway!

Engage with fans – Yep, yep, maybe it’s time to ask your fans how they are doing instead of telling them how you are feeling that day? Don’t be selfish, put others in the spotlight now and again, even your competitors and your fans will love it as they are always hungry for more.

Work together – The Eiffel tower wasn’t built by one man and neither are the accounts with 100k+ followers, all this comes through extensive collaborations so perhaps that’s the thing you need to do to raise your account to the next level.

Share content – An excellent way to keep your followers busy at all times, and you never have to be afraid of running out of ideas ever again, simply use a neat tool to identify the most shared content, you can ever filter it on date so that you won’t share with everyone has seen already.

Post every day – Consistency is key, I bet you heard that phrase a million times by now but it’s true, the more consistent you are with your posting the higher the retention rate of your followers base and that’s what it’s all about these days. Not just getting more followers but keeping them.

Hashtags rock – If you don’t have the creative power to come up with your own hashtags and way to promote it you can always try to dominate other hastags in your niche, with thousands of people searching for common phrases it’s impossible to fail with this little strategy.

Use analytics – People always tell you to post at the time when most of your users are active and there’s certaintly some truth to that but what about people in different parts of the world, don’t you want them to see your posts? Sure you do so although it’s important to keep in check don’t stare yourself death at it.

Videos are hot – Pictures and photos are nice but videos are even hotter, don’t be shy but experiment, though keep it short, no one comes to Instagram to watch 30-minute videos.