Top Knives to Have in Your Kitchen as a Man

Being a man is tough because at times you have to get out of your way and perform tasks that you don’t like, or that you aren’t accustomed to such as cooking.

But fortunately, you have various ways to make the tasks easy and handle them faster. With the right tools, you can be off to a good start and great meals without having to get injured.

For starters, let us look at the different knives that you need to have in your kitchen before you can make the perfect meal.

Serrated Utility Knife

This is ideal for slicing meats, bread, or other food that have an outer skin. It is also great for cutting vegetables such as green leafy vegetables or tomatoes.


If you have been keen enough, you must think that this is a knife designed for butchers, but in the real sense, it can also be used effectively in the home. You can use it to cut more significant chunks of meat where you need less precision and more weight behind the task.

This is ideal if you are hosting a barbeque and you need to chop up the pieces of meat into smaller pieces for easier handling.

Chef’s Knife

This is the most commonly used knife and most versatile for use around the kitchen. You can use it for chopping, slicing or deboning smaller pieces of meat.

Fillet Knife

This knife usually has a sharp and slim blade for filleting different kinds of fish. You can also use the knife for removing fat from meat or skin from tenderloins.

Paring Knife

This is a small knife used to peel, clean or cut fruits as well as vegetables.

Conclusion: Making the Decision

It’s a fact that if left to you, the first knife that will come into view will land into the kitchen. However, you need to consider different factors before you make the perfect decision for getting the right kitchen knife, which makes it easy to find. For one, you need to understand what kinds of tasks you perform in the kitchen. If you do more of chopping, then choose a knife with a longer blade for the task.

Apart from the choice, you need to make sure you properly keep the knives to make them last longer. Make use of knife sheaths or a knife rack to keep the knives separate from other utensils. Additionally, invest in an electronic sharpener for the home to keep the knife sharp always.