Ways to Make your Trip to the Museum Memorable

When you visit a museum, you want to make the most out of it. But let’s face it, most art galleries, by their sheer size can be quite intimidating. Even then, you should strive to make every moment count. Here’s how;

Visit When There’s an Event

You’ll enjoy being in a museum more when you tour during annual or other regular events. It could be a cultural performance, festival, lecture, gallery talk or film screening. You’ll learn more when there’s an event going on in the museum. Plus, that’s the only time the gallery becomes “alive.”

Plan Before you Visit

Almost every other museum has a website that offers helpful information on how to book. That way, you can visit the site, buy the tickets and make a reservation. Whenever possible, opt for a guided tour because that’s when the opportunity to learn more about the museum. Visit when the hall is less crowded if a guided tour is expensive for you. You could, for instance, go during a weekday. Avoid holidays and weekends.

Choose Less Crowed Museums

Some museums are popular and relatively overcrowded even during weekdays. See these helpful resources with suggestions of less crowded museums you could visit. The last thing that you want is to end up in a packed gallery. It is indeed stressful especially if you have small kids. Plus, smaller museums have exhibitions with particular cultures or eras.

Don’t Spend the Entire Day at the Museum

Sure, you’d love to see as much as you can. However, with the museum, less is more especially if you choose to visit a large gallery. You know, to appreciate any work of art, your concentration has to be 100%.  Of course, there’s a limit as to how much information your body can take – after three hours your mind shuts down. Visit in the morning when your brain is still “fresh” and spend the afternoon doing something different.

The Bottom Line

When visiting a museum, your comfort comes first. Make sure that everything from the way you dress to the ambiance inside the gallery allows you to be as comfortable as possible. Do not wear heavy coats or bags.  Avoid anything that would cause distraction such as listening to music.

While there’s no problem touring a museum alone, you’re better off having some company. So, bring your spouse, kids or friends. You can even have a date at the museum!