What should be considered when placing TV commercial?

Purchasing of broadcasting time and competent placing of advertising on public (large) channels are quite expensive and difficult tasks. It makes a sense to address professionals who will help you to pick up correctly optimal time and even achieve discounts. Thus, you will be able to avoid severe losses because of the wrong organization of an advertising campaign.

Thus, it is necessary to realize the purposes of advertizing and your target audience. If you the owner of the medium-sized business, then you are hardly needed the national interest. Also, national television advertising most likely will be too expensive for small and medium-sized companies. In the meantime, your prospective clients are probably concentrated in a certain region. Small business owners should choose regional or cable TV channels for advertizing. Such channels can provide an optimum scope of the necessary national groups. Besides, researchers show that information which passed in local media attracts more interest and trust of the local population. And, indisputable plus of advertizing on regional and cable TV channels that it has a lower cost.

It is also necessary to consider that with the advent of new channels and networks, the audience becomes more and more segmented. Therefore you will hardly achieve the necessary effect by means of one channel or network.

Also, you must keep in mind that all TV commercial are very aggressive and importunate by nature. If you will be trying “to feed” a low-quality video to the audience, you risk creating a negative image. TV commercial, first of all, is advertising image of the product. So you should choose a professional like whatisflow – nyc video production company. Therefore we will repeat once again — economy on a quality of advertising can cause irreparable damage to the image of your company in the eyes of potential consumers.

Now several words about the positioning of videos in the advertising block. It is considered that the when the video is farther from the beginning of the block, the fewer people will see it.  People from the beginning of a commercial break often change the channel or leave “to make tea”. Besides the first video is influenced by rather prior TV program, than other advertising.

The most widespread methods of the positioning of an advertising video are placement at the beginning of the block, at the end and removal for a block framework — sponsorship. Of course on these line items, the prices with markups are exposed. Though, in a case with the finishing video, efficiency isn’t proved. Top price — for sponsor’s positioning. Concerning efficiency of this method, discussions are still conducted. And nevertheless, practice shows that short sponsor’s rollers are remembered by the audience, being a certain reminder of a brand. It is obvious that this positioning is justified for quite large and known brands in case of large-scale sponsorship, but not for a regular advertizing video.

There is still such method of positioning as the placement of two promotional materials of the company in one block. It is considered that in case of the subsequent contacts decrease the remembered information. Repeating of information increases impact on the viewer. In other words, two videos in one telecast or the movie are much more effective than three, but in different programs and at different times.

And finally, once again we focus your attention that TV viewers are unaffected by all advertising in general. Content and quality of the promotional material directly influence information memorability and sometimes is quite unpredictable.