Wine Tasting in Maryland – You Don’t Want to Miss It!

Going wine tasting in Maryland is one of the top activities to do with friends and family. Summer exposes all of Maryland’s charm, and you can take advantage of it so that you take your out-of-town visitors to one of the wineries or vineyards that dot the landscape.

However, not everyone comes back with the experience they expected, and this is due to poor preparation. You can try these out to get more from your trip and to enjoy what the wineries have to offer. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Carry Some Extra Money

Most wineries charge a small fee to taste the wine. This fee varies from one place to the next, but most places charge $5 for each person. A wine tasting session typically consists of six or more small pours of wine for each of you. Some wineries offer a complimentary glass of their best wine, while others offer the glass as a souvenir.

Bring some Food

The wineries and vineyards in Maryland do not serve meals to visitors. Some might offer a few snacks for a small fee, but that is all. Try to bring lunch or snacks with you so that you do not end up hungry. The tour of the various wineries takes time, and it might be such a long day if you do not have food. However, most of the wineries offer indoor areas designated for dining.

Work with a Tour company

The larger wineries have special tour packages that you can take advantage of. The tour packages work well if you are moving as a group. However, you need to call in advance because the tours are in high demand in this area.

Most of the wineries are family owned, and you will have a chance to sit down with the family members and ask some questions about the winery. You can go ahead and ask for a peek into the process of winemaking without paying an additional fee.

Use the Bucket

Many people fear that if they show their disdain when tasting, the wine owner will feel offended – wrong. In fact, the wine owner knows that not all wine is the same and offers a bucket for you to spit out any wine you feel is not to your taste. Do not pretend at all, because the staff will not feel you have offended them. Every person has a different taste in wine.